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Task Management Tool

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Effectively collaborate in real-time with your frontline teams, as if in the same room. Easily share pictures, videos, comments, and updates in one place and close the feedback loop, faster.

Get a high-level overview of all your team's work in seconds. Easily review the outcomes of their efforts and share their success!


STOREE’s algorithm helps retail managers identify and prioritize the most critical, revenue-boosting tasks, so your managers can achieve operational excellence in stores, eCommerce, and headquarters!

This is the best communication software for retail operations with automatic feedback collection ability. No more email, text messages, or WhatsApp. 


STOREE leverages online tactics to achieve fast and quality feedback in response to announcements, text or voice messages, and more.

With STOREE you can engage your employees effectively using one powerful newsfeed!

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​Revenue Protection

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STOREE’s “Money Saver” algorithm singles out categories/SKUs that fail to meet high consumer demand, based on complex patterns of purchasing behavior in your chain of POS data.
The ability to interpret those patterns into "explainable" insights help store managers to improve the store's performance. 

STOREE automatically alerts store managers regarding issues that are holding back sales and offers guidance to solve them.
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STOREE enables you to automatically create planograms optimized according to space, sales, and inventory.   

  Each store will receive planograms tailored to their layout with the number of SKUs corresponding to sales and logistics requirements.


Manually or automatically, STOREE helps you track merchandise in real-time, keeping each store looking its absolute best and giving your customers the best possible shopping experience, all while driving up sales.









With sharper displays, more customers are
drawn in. 

The conversions go straight up from there!

Visual Merchandising 


Academy Center

Empower any-level employees by making their training easier!


Share the employee handbook, protocols, and other professional content right in your own digital repository, so your teams can find all the materials they need, when they need them, in one accessible place.

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