Our innovative algorithm guarantees managers make the right decisions and

perform at their best. 

STOREE brings a new level of Retail Is Detail and helps retail managers deal with endless data points while automatically creating and

translating insights into tasks, tracking and monitoring the execution in-store,

and with no human involvement.

By arming retail managers at all levels with a data-driven task management platform,

they would be able to expedite processes while reducing costs,

bring wisdom and automation to their day-to-day activity, save precious time,

and increase sales.

Store display

Store Display

We focus on the retail fundamentals to make sure each store delivers the most relevant messages to its customers to improve performance

Trends And Pain Points

Identify, alert, and guide store managers to fix issues that impact revenues to increase sales

Lost Sales Prevention

Store Associates Productivity

Reach, engage, educate, and monitor every employee in real-time

Bring Your Vision Into Life As Quickly As Possible

Tracking & monitoring the execution 

has never been easier. 

The platform is helping you get things done

and focus only on what's important